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“We all appreciate the hospitality”

Thanks Dr. Nick for all the help you have given me throughout my career so far and for years to come. We all appreciate the hospitality and attention to detail that you and your staff provided.

Dan Morgan, Carolina Panthers 

“My prayers had been answered”

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to you and your wonderful staff for the personal attention and quality care. After cheerleading for the Miami Dolphins for four years I was sidelined in my fourth season with a tremendous back injury. My injury left me feeling limited in terms of my capacity to perform on the field. After numerous attempts and a variety of therapeutic measures I felt helpless, as these attempts were ultimately deemed futile. It wasn’t until someone told me about Dr. Ruggiero and I sought treatment that I finally knew my prayers had been answered. Thanks to you Dr Nick, I am finally back in the game of football and life. Many thanks.

Jaime Edmonson, Miami Dolphins

“you will see immediate improvement”

Best of the Best! Dr. Ruggiero is one of the best in the industry! I have been working with them for many years with excellent results. Very professional and you will see immediate improvement on your first visit. I would recommend this place to anybody.

James M, 01/03/2021

“Dr. Nick is a true professional”

I was in a bad car accident and the MRI showed I had 11 herniated discs all down my spine. Dr. Nick and his amazing staff helped me so much that I no longer have any pain and understand how to treat and eventually heal my injury. Dr. Nick is a true professional and showed me not only how to treat my injury but also how to strengthen all the muscles supporting my spine so I never have pain again. Thank you Dr. Nick and your entire staff!!!

Maverick Arm Sports, 05/16/2019

“Always heals me when no others can”

Best ever. Been going to Nick for 20 years. Always heals me when no others can. Nick knows more than sports medicine. He is the only go to for my friends and family. Best around. I can say this with one hundred percent confidence.

Andrea W, 10/24/2020

“they helped us heal all the way”

The staff is very nice and do their work wonderfully, I would go there any day, my grandma and I got into a car crash and they helped us heal all the way, it was a great experience from start to finish. Thank you, Dr. Ruggiero and staff!

Fabrizio S, 11/15/2019

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