Celeste Braun Creator & CEO of Celestial Bodiez June 6, 2016

Flex Lewis 4 time Mr. Olympia 212 Champion June 6, 2016

“I highly recommend Dr Ruggiero, he is truly a great Chiropractor”

Ken Meares CEO of Great HealthWorks May 13, 2016

Florida Scholastic Hockey League has selected Dr. Nicholas Ruggiero as our official team chiropractor.

Florida Scholastic Hockey League April 12, 2016

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to you and your wonderful staff for the personal attention and quality care. After cheerleading for the Miami Dolphins for four years I was sidelined in my fourth season with a tremendous back injury. My injury left me feeling limited in terms of my capacity to perform on the field. After numerous attempts and a variety of therapeutic measures I felt helpless, as these attempts were ultimately deemed futile. It wasn’t until someone told me about Dr. Ruggiero and I sought treatment that I finally knew my prayers had been answered. Thanks to you Dr Nick, I am finally back in the game of football and life. Many thanks.

Jaime Edmonson Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders April 12, 2016

Thanks Dr. Nick for all the help you have given me throughout my career so far and for years to come.

Dan Morgan Carolina Panthers April 12, 2016

Dr. Ruggiero has been a life saver for all the golf professionsals I’ve sent to his clinic. He has helped every single person with a variety of back and golf related issues.

When my son, Jon, had a serious arm injury I brought him to Dr. Ruggiero. He adjusted Jon’s elbow and with special treatment got him back far ahead of schedule. Jon was able to compete in a major junior golf tournament in Georgia where he also was honored as a 1st Team All American (the top 10 junior golfers in America).

Jim McLean Pro Golfer March 10, 2016

I can not thank you enough for assisting me with the HEALING of all my aches and pains. Being that my cheerleading practice schedule is at least 3-5 nights a week and 3-4 hours of dance a night, equated to some serious neck and back problems. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I discovered Dr. Ruggiero. Not only are you and your staff top of the line with your innovative therapy, but in addition, were extremely accommodating with my hectic schedule. Hats off to you, as I have never witnessed a chiropractor and his team so truly gifted when it comes to healing. I thank you Dr. Nick and your entire staff at Dr. Ruggiero for allowing me to feel like myself again. Thank you from the heart.

Hillary Goff Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders March 10, 2016